Rent A Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution

Receive lower operating costs, minimized downtime and maximized productivity.

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We offer construction businesses the opportunity to rent a mobile fluid transfer hose repair and assembly service, to do repairs on their construction site 24/7.

By renting a fully fitted repair unit, using their own operator, who is trained by us, construction companies can significantly reduce their repair costs and equipment down-time.

The rented unit is easily transported using a standard hook & lift, a flatbed truck, or a side loader.

Customers of Southern Hydraulics Mobile make significant savings on parts, construction time and administration, as a result of being able to access a fully equipped and stocked mobile hose repair unit.

Our goal is to help construction businesses reduce their costly overheads by having 24/7 access to an on-site fully equipped hose repair system with inventory tailored to their needs.

Rent A Mobile Hose Repair System

We offer fully fitted units, operator training and inventory replacement with a choice of inclusive hire packages.

Steps To Reducing Costs?

Rent a purpose built fully fitted hose repair unit?

Have your staff trained to use the repair unit?

Inventory of parts provided with rented unit?

Rental periods matched to construction period?

Faster on-site repairs of machinery?

Shorter down-time for for projects?

Re-stocking service for parts included in rental?

Reduced cost of repairs and savings on time?


If down-time and repair costs are a major concern over the life of your construction project, then
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We will contact you by return with details of the rental options, equipment package, comprehensive training and support you will receive to ensure your hydraulic hose needs are met?


Give us a call to discuss your particular business needs as we provide expert service in hydraulic hose and cylinder repair.

We offer a complete turnkey package, e.g. equipment, parts and training, for the length of your construction project.

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